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Molfetta is a delightful town that enjoys a privileged location in the Apulia region; lapped by clear blue sea and surrounded by green olive trees, fragrant orchards and snow-white stone walls illuminated by the sun, it enjoys mild winters and summers sweetly ventilated.
The city offers many attractions to tourists sensitive to the nature of art and good food; the Molfetta visit could begin crossing the monumental arch of Dante course that marks the entrance to the Old Town, a dense maze of winding streets and winter protection from the “sea wind”. Following the roads along the coast, you will meet the Duomo of San Corrado.
molfetta_02This church is a beautiful example of Romanesque Pugliese characterized by the presence of three domes and two towers, one for sightings of the sea and the other bell.
Over time the church has undergone transformations which fortunately did not damage the beautiful apse area characterized by a round-headed arches theory that intersect each other.
In ancient times, the church had to be covered with painted decorations of which remain today only a few traces. Remarkable is the sculptural set, among the most important pieces are conserved some capitals and the font called “Buckwheat”.
Once the visit to the beautiful church you could go around “aimlessly” for small streets around and enjoy the view of the city by the sea.
Reached the road near Piazza going towards the sea, on the right, you will see the beautiful facade of the Church of Sant’Andrea embellished by the elegant rose window of steering wheel and four high reliefs of winged faces, continuing the path, near the church is the Arch of St. Nicholas where you can stop to admire the precious frescoes.
molfetta_01Along via Sant’Orsola to the sea you reach the Tower Passari a fortified structure of 1521 that was meant to protect the city from Turkish attacks, climbing the stairs we can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the coast and the harbor and breathe ‘ sea ​​air deeply.
Continuing the walk, plan a stop at the church of the eighteenth century Santa Maria del Principe also called the Church of Death, at Palazzo Nesta decorated with a particular ashlar diamond and an elegant bas-relief representing the Virgin and at the Renaissance Palace Giovene located in piazza Town Hall.
The stop at Palazzo Giovene will surely be longer because the building houses: the Contemporary Art Gallery, the Civic Siloteca which is the only southern Italian museum dedicated to the trees with arboreal specimens from all over the world and finally the room Templar.
Finally, head to Via San Pietro to visit the Church of St. Peter the Apostle by the imposing façade and refined eighteenth-century stucco work.
molfetta_03For a refreshing break take advantage of the many venues at the adjacent streets Town Hall Square where you will find excellent restaurants for lunches of fish or pastries with a wide assortment of freshly baked pastries.
After lunch we will be ready to reach the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta characterized by the presence of picturesque chapels, including the Chapel of St Peter and Paul, which houses the relics of San Corrado and the chapel dedicated to the Assumption which houses a valuable altarpiece 1747.
all along the coast until you reach the Basilica of Our Lady of Martyrs, will be a beautiful walk along the beach and enjoy views of the entire coast lit by the last rays of the sun At this point we will be coming to sunset, intercepted Crusader Avenue and follow it.


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