It is in 1995 that Michele Murolo and Nicola De Bari, enterprising young people and experts in the mechanical, give life to the Remec Srl , transforming what were their ideals and dreams into a reality.

The first experiences from entrepreneurs begin in a small shed of only 250 square meters, in a few years the dreams come true.

Decisive are the roles of the two partners, and their responsibilities are clear. Nicola De Bari he serves as technical manager and production, and Michele Murolo assumes the task of continually feed production with new projects and seek new customers.

After a few years the Remec Srl has gained rapid development with the introduction of qualified personnel, new equipment and advanced machine tools, up to boast a wide range of vehicles in a facility of about 1,800 square meters in 2008.

The customer relationships are strengthened, increase trust and respect, are significant achievements such undertake the construction of a new factory.

In 2009 created a new structure more organized and welcoming, the current headquarters of the Remec Srl that, between offices and areas for manufacturing, has a structure of about 4,800 square meters.

The vocation to excellence, along with the ten-year collaboration with leading customers and suppliers, national and European, are the pillars on which rests the current reputation and success of the company, now established in the field of mechanics.



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