The future is our daily challenge. The Company is committed to constant improvement in performance, reliability, product quality, thanks to investments of more and more advanced machine tools, control systems and management increasingly innovative and training and specialization of our staff.

The values ​​we believe in and that are shared by all the staff, they are the heritage of ethics that guide us every day.

Customer at the center
The customer is always the reference point: its goals are our goals.

Transparency, attention and respect are the cornerstones on which we build relationships with our partners, be they customers, suppliers or partners simple.

The continuous improvement of the quality of our structure and systems, is one of our objectives to continue.

Environmental Sustainability
Maintain high quality standards of the plant is not enough. The workplace should be a home for workers, so they can work with serenity.
The resin floor maintains high environmental quality and we have installed machines with vacuum cleaners in order to reduce to a minimum the presence of smoke and polluting particles. There are also many green areas.



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