We believe that a company’s image, starting from the architecture of its headquarters, is an element of absolute importance.

The Remec Srl moved to new premises in December 2009, created and designed to the highest quality standards for the workplace, covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters distributed as follows:

Areas for machining: 3,000 square meters. about

Areas for offices and services: 1,800 square meters. about

Areas raw materials and cutting: 600 sqm. about

Area discovery: 4,600 square meters. About

Innovative and welcoming, the seat turns attention to the environment and the welfare of workers.

They were organized and divided the work area in:

– Identification zone and raw materials warehouse
– Identification zone and deposit semi
– Department cut
– Department turning
– Department milling
– Department rectification
– Engine Department C.N.C.
– Department adjusting and carpentry
– Department inspection and testing
– Thermal treatments
– Zone mounting
– Zone freight
– Zone freight


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