Our production conforms to the standards of the highest technology on the market.
The Company is organized in departments with cutting-edge machinery and control systems that make Remec Srl a reality projected to achieve results more and more prestigious.

By using a special management software, we can inform our customers of the progress of production in real time.
The software, in fact, allows you to monitor all stages of the production process to follow its course until the delivery of the finished product.

The attention that our company places on every technological evolution has led to adapt our fleet to the control of a SOFTWARE CAD CAM for the design and modeling of technical models for the integrated management of processes , by drawing in 2D or 3D, to transfer into the car and therefore its processing and SYSTEM WI.FI for transmission and reception program from machine to store and station CAD CAM .

Ours is a flexible manufacturing system and innovative, focused on customer satisfaction.

Impeccable management of orders in process, and guarantee reliability in delivery, quality and accuracy of the finished product, testing of special care package with identification of each particular shipment tracking, are the levers of our organization.

The units are split by skills and expertise and in the diversity of their functions, interacting with flexibility.



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